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SOCHI- Restaurant

Invites you to experience traditional Eastern European & Far eastern Cuisine as well as the Sochi interpretation of word foods from German, Uzbek &  Italian Cuisine.

Flavours of German, Uzbek and  Italian foods mingle, the result is delightful.
To make matters more interesting these new restaurant are likely to extremely popular so for further dining inspiration.
The cuisine of Eastern Europe and far eastern is a blend of hearty peasant dishes. Wheat flour bread has long been the most common sources of starch in this cuisine, along with pasta, dumplings and pastries, although the potato has become a major starch plant in the diet of Europeans.
German dishes are rarely hot and spicy; full of flavour and nostalgia. Those potatoes, noodles and veggies.Wonderful food, sometimes even upstaging the main course.
 From Italian dishes, Sochi offers much more than just pizza – they also have the range of fish and meat dishes for those who aren’t crazy about carbs. In case you’ve ever wanted to try traditional Uzbek dishes, Sochi recommend the lamb and plov (stewed rice).
There is always room for a guest at Sochi table. The people are as welcoming as the food. It has what you want. So get out there, try something new and let your taste buds do the talking!

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